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ESV Bible Drill Blue Cycle Video Playlist


This fun video series teaches the memory verses, key passages, and Bible books covered in the Bible Drill Blue Cycle. Also included are Bible lessons and missions. Playlists are available in ESV, KJV, or CSB translation. Subscribe to the Parent Road Ministries YouTube channel today so you won’t miss out!

What is Bible Drill?

Bible Drill Blue Cycle uses video, original artwork, and a printable Study Guide to teach Scripture memorization and Bible skills in a fun, unforgettable way. Available in ESV, KJV, or CSB.

Bible Drill Blue Cycle includes 25 memory verses, 10 key passages, all the Bible books, Bible-navigation skills, practice Bible Drills (Sword Drills), & more!

Learn more about Bible Drill Blue Cycle here:

Bible Drill Videos

Videos are FREE on the Parent Road Ministries YouTube channel. Each Bible Drill video will post in three playlists: KJV, ESV, and CSB. Mission Projects and Mission Lessons will post in a separate playlist. See the video posting schedule here.

Bible Drill Blue Cycle videos, Image Packs, and Study Guides standalone or make great supplemental Bible material. The memory verses and key passages selected follow LifeWay’s Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills curriculum, Blue Cycle. (Each of the three years of this curriculum is a different color.) All images and content are original and not sponsored by LifeWay.

Manufacturer: Parent Road Ministries