Worldview Series

A worldview is like a pair of glasses used to make sense of the world and relationships around us. It includes your sense of style, preferences, how you handle confrontation, and numerous other things. Learn more in this blog post.

Everyone has a worldview, but not everyone’s worldview matches what the Bible says. Does yours? Children begin developing their worldview well before they start school. What worldview are your children developing? Is it biblical?

Kids, parents, and grandparents can start studying a biblical worldview together today with one of our Devotionals for Busy Families or Small-Group Guides.

Devotionals for Busy Families

These family Bible studies include a 10-minute devotional, prayer prompts, and memory verses broken into doable pieces. The daily “Want More?” box includes Bible passages for further study. The weekly “On the Road Family Challenge” provides ideas for ways families can live out what they learn in Bible study.

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Small-Group Guides

Small groups are simply two or more families meeting together. Our user-friendly small-group guides equip novice leaders and experienced teachers.

The first half of this Small-Group Guides are written with children and multi-generational groups in mind. It includes opening activities, a Bible lesson, application activities, and a prayer prompt. Activity options include: Bible skills, crafts, games, and music.

The second half of these Small-Group Guides are written with adult groups in mind. It includes a prayer prompt and three mix-and-match choices of group formats. The first is heavy discussion with a little Scripture. The second is fifty-fifty, Bible reading and discussion. The third is primarily Bible reading with a little discussion. Mix and match what works best for your group.

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  • The Answer Book: Small-Group Guide
  • At this time, there is no immediate plan for additional small-group guides. However, the devotionals may be used as base material for a small-group study.

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