What makes our studies unique?

There are lots of Bible studies out there. Why should you choose Parent Road Ministries?

  1. God’s Word is the foundation. We don’t teach opinions. We teach straight from God’s Word.
  2. Bible lessons are short and kid-friendly. Although written to use each day, some families do one a week as part of their family worship.
  3. Practical application is emphasized. James 1:22-25 explains that simply hearing the Word of God is not enough. We must do what it says. Weekly family challenges apply lessons learned.
  4. Apologetics are incorporated into the teaching. 1 Peter 1:15 says to always be ready to give a defense for the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Introductory apologetics lessons equips kids and families to do just that.
  5. Big church words are explained. Do you get lost when pastors throw around big words? You’re not the only one. Parent Road Ministries Family Bible Studies break down those big words into everyday language.
  6. Memory verses are broken into do-able pieces. Those beginning to memorize verses find it much easier to add 3-5 words per day. Each part of the verse is also explained.
  7. Additional reading suggestions are provided for those who want more.

These studies make great first steps for discipling new Christians and teaching kids the things of Christ.

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