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When are you a Christian? (Children’s Sermon)
How Do You Lead a Child to Christ (or Know Him Yourself)?

VIDEO synopsis:

There is a lot of brokenness in this world. God’s design was perfect. Sin messed that up and broke everything. We are broken too. We try to find ways out of this broken life, but they don’t work. God sent Jesus to live a perfect life in this broken world and take our punishment for sin. We need to repent and believe in Jesus to get out of our own brokenness. Then Jesus rescues us. We recover God’s perfect design as we pursue Him, walking with Him. We pursue God through prayer, going to church, reading the Bible, and sharing Jesus with other people.

This 3 Circle Life Conversation method is from Jimmy Scroggins. Download the 3 Circles app here.

For more ways to share Christ, check out this blog post.

How young is too young to accept Christ?

Dr. Scott Turansky from Biblical Parenting give an excellent answer in this podcast.

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What should we call you?

What should we call you?

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