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What are Focus Groups?

Focus Groups are our version of a pilot program or test group, providing valuable feedback before the final publication. Focus Groups preview upcoming Bible studies by using the Devotional for Busy Families and/or the Small-Group Guide. In return for this exclusive FREE material, these families and groups submit valuable feedback which we use in the final edit before publication.

Click here for more information about the next family Bible study.

What Focus Groups do you have so far?

Registration for the next Focus Groups will be announced through our E-Team newsletter. Sign up here.

How are Focus Groups chosen?

Limited Focus Group openings are available based on family type, group type, and region of the country/world. Within these parameters, selection is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Be sure to register your group today!

Who can participate in a Focus Group?

Anyone who would like to try our devotionals and/or small-group guides with their family or group. These family Bible study materials are written for busy families with elementary children at home (even if they have older or younger siblings who will also participate). Click here to learn what kinds of families can be included.

The small-group guides are designed for two or more families. This could be a home-school group, Sunday school, coffee group, weekend retreat, or any number of other small-group settings.

Limited space is available, so be sure to register your group today!

Who is the Focus Group Leader?

You may choose whoever you like to actually lead the study. The family devotionals and leader guides are designed for novices as well as experienced leaders.

On this website and in communications, Parent Road Ministries will refer to the person who submits the Focus Group Registration form as your “Focus Group Leader.” This person will receive the PDF file of the Bible study along with the password needed to complete the Focus Group Feedback form.

Do you have to do both the devotional and the small-group guide to be a Focus Group?

No, although the majority of openings are for groups doing both. Nevertheless, there are a few Focus Group openings for families who do just the Devotional for Busy Families as well as openings for groups wishing to do only the Small-Group Guide.

How do you start a Focus Group?

  1. Register your Focus Group.
  2. Begin recruiting Focus Group participants.
  3. Do the Bible study with your Focus Group.
  4. Submit your feedback.

Do you have more questions about Focus Groups?

Feel free to email us using the form below.

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