Advent is the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Day. It starts sometime between Nov. 27 and Dec. 3. In 2020, advent begins Nov. 29.

Advent is a chance to remember the long wait for the promised Messiah and to look for His second coming.

Take some time this December to remind your family of the true meaning of Christmas.

“Simple Ways to Focus on Christ This Christmas” is a 15-minute workshop by Nancy Ruth of Parent Road Ministries. Let’s talk about some easy ways to use Christmas sights and sounds to bring kids back to the Bible.

We have several Advent family devotionals to choose from:

Why is Jesus so important? Explore the significance of Christmas as you move through Advent. Waiting for Christmas is a weekly Bible study designed for family worship or children’s groups. With 3 books in 1, these weekly lessons are easily adaptable for all ages. Includes crafts, games, and application activities.

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"A Kid's Guide to Advent" PDF

Looking for a way to tie the sights & sounds of Christmas back to Christ?

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 The “Advent Nativity Family Devotional” reads through the entire Christmas story from the Bible as we add a few pieces to the nativity scene each week.

Read a sample lesson here. Download it here.

The “Advent Christmas Carol Meditations” look at one Christmas carol each week. With options for older and younger family members, this is a great choice for those who like to sing their way to Christmas.

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“A Kid’s Guide to Advent” is short and sweet. Take a look at the decorations and celebrations of Christmas and think about how they remind us of Jesus.

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Are you and your family writing New Year’s Resolutions? Download our FREE guide to help children think through last year and prayerfully look ahead to 2021.

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