Teacher strike - A unique opportunity for churches to reach kids & families.

If you live in Oklahoma, Arizona, or Kentucky, you may have a unique opportunity to share God's love with your community and reach kids for Christ. If not, take time to read this post anyway. As you do, think of unique opportunities God may place before you and your church to minister to those around you.

The Current Situation

If you've not heard, teachers in West Virginia went on strike and won. Now teachers in other states are looking at following suit. Oklahoma teachers are closely watching the state legislation to determine whether or not they will be going on strike April 2, 2018. If you have a heart for children, you know education is important. The protests, strikes, and walkouts center on money for school supplies, teacher pay, and pensions. This is not a political post. Whether you support this move by teachers or not, you still have a unique opportunity to minister to the children and families in your community.

What happens if teachers walk out?

Problem #1: If Oklahoma teachers follow through and walkout this April, that will mean nearly 700,000 children will be at loose ends. There's an old adage that says something like: "Bored kids will create their own trouble." What is there for the children in your state to do if school is canceled due to a teacher walkout? Problem #2: Working parents will then be left with two choices:
  1. Miss work to care for their children.
  2. Find another place for their children to be while school is closed.
Problem #3: Oklahoma is a poor state. The majority of the students in my local public school are on free or reduced lunches (and breakfasts). How will those children eat? What about the families whose parents have to take unpaid leaves of absences to care for their children? How will they eat?

How churches can minister to families

Is your state planning a teacher walkout like West Virginia or Oklahoma? Seize the opportunity to share God's love with your community and reach kids for Christ! Provide a safe place for children to play while parents work. Here are some ways to prepare:
  • Ask available volunteers to come in shifts.

It's unlikely that you'll find someone willing to stay all day.

  • Begin running background checks now for all potential volunteers.
  • Consider partnering with other local churches.
  • Watch the news.

If roomers begin that your state's teachers may go on strike, begin advertising ASAP! Let the families in your community know you are a safe place to bring their children if teachers walk out.

  • Ask volunteers from your church to donate lunch and snacks.
What to do with the kids:
  • Be sure to get emergency contact information for each child.
  • Provide alternating periods of free time and structured play. (See activity suggestions below.)
  • Take a moment to share the Gospel (and maybe another Bible lesson).
Pray. Please take a moment to pray. Ask God to have His hand on the teachers and legislators of your state (or country). Ask God to show you if you need to get plans in motion to care for local children in the event of a teacher walkout.

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