Parenting Young Kids In Church

Parenting Young Kids In Church
Easter Sunday is this week. I am looking forward to seeing some new faces and celebrating the Lord's resurrection. As part of the preparations in my church, I've been working with our Children's Minister to create a card that will be placed in the pews along with our guest registration cards. What we made is designed specifically for parents of young children (and to educate the members of our congregation who sit near these wiggly tikes). We are both so pleased with how it turned out that I wanted to share it with you in case your church is looking for something similar.

The Inspiration

The idea came from these two parenting in the pew cards the Children's Minister at my church and I found online. The first is from the Pray and Tell blog and is designed for children attending Catholic mass.  The one my Children's Minister friend sent me was designed for parents at Westminster, a protestant church. I am not sure where she found this one, but it is almost identical to the Catholic pew card for parents above.

Brainstorming a New Parenting Pew Card

While my Children's Minister friend and I loved the idea of these cards, we both found them a little like rules that must be followed in order for children to join the adults in worship. We wanted to take a bit softer approach. We also decided to use both sides of the card. There were also some key points missing that we wanted to be sure to include. The most important of those was recommending that families stop by the restroom and water fountain before church. My friend and I share the same pet peeve. While sometimes emergency situations arise, too many children, young people, and adults leave in the middle of service simply because they are bored and want to do something else. Not only is this rude, but it also disrupts the service. I understand cultures differ on this matter and I would not tell someone how to run the church they attend. Still, I have seen over and over again how these interruptions stop or derail the work the Holy Spirit is doing. I find that frustrating. End of rant. So, here is the card we designed. I have removed the logo of my church so you can use it in your setting if you choose. It will also be made available in our store. I pray this resource blesses you and those with whom you share it. 
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