Photo Contest Winners

Photo Contest Winners

Image © verkoka

Congratulations to the following churches!

Nancy Ruth will be coming in person to deliver your gift bag with a FREE autographed copy of The Answer Book: A Devotional for Busy Families. Look for her visit in the next week or two.

  • Assembly of God, Tonkawa, OK
  • Christ’s Church, Blackwell, OK
  • Christian Life Church, Tonkawa, OK
  • Church of Christ, Blackwell, OK
  • First Baptist Church, Tonkawa, OK
  • First Christian Church, Blackwell, OK
  • First Presbyterian Church, Blackwell, OK
  • First United Methodist Church of Tonkawa, OK
  • Tonkawa Bible Church, Tonkawa, OK
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Blackwell, OK

Keep collecting those hidden eggs on our site. They may come in handy soon. (wink)

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