Exciting Things and Teaching Tithing

Exciting Things and Teaching Tithing
How do you teach kids tithing? How can you help spread the word about The Answer Book? What happening with your online store?

The next "Along the Road" e-newsletter goes out April 15.

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Features will include:
  • A fun tithing activity and lesson for kids
  • Details about upcoming events
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Help Us Spread the Word

Kids need a solid biblical foundation. Parents can give them that. We can help, but only if people know about us. Please help us spread the word. Have you already started using The Answer Book? Please tell us what you think and help us spread the news. Nancy is working on the next study now. She loves to hear what works and doesn't work. Her goal is to make these guides practical, useful, and user-friendly. Any feedback you provide (positive or negative) can influence what formats remain consistent in the next studies and which ones are tweaked. Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word about The Answer Book.

What Is The Answer Book?

The Answer Book seeks to answer the question: Where do you go for the answers to life’s questions? This seven-week family Bible study asks and answers questions about truth, Jesus, family discipleship, and why Bible study is important. Also included are suggestions for further Bible reading, memory verses, and ideas for how to live out what you learn. Sold separately is the accompanying small-group guide. Learn more on our Bible Studies page and Getting Started page. You can purchase a copy from our store.

Store update

Believe it or not, websites, hootsuite, and setting up online shopping carts are new to us. We're learning as we go, as fast as we can. Unfortunately, some things just don't happen as smoothly or quickly as we'd like. Setting up our shopping cart is one of them. If you have experience setting up online shopping carts, would you be willing to help us? Please shoot us an email with the best way to contact you. We are praying for a quick resolution to the problem Nancy Ruth has encountered and are continuing to pursue information resources. Thank you for your patience. In the mean time, books may be purchased through the Amazon.com links in our store.
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