10 Super Mother's Day Ideas for Kids

10 Super Mother's Day Ideas for Kids
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Features will include:
  • A link to the April Readers Choice blog
  • 10 kid-friendly ideas of how to say "I love you!" this Mother's Day
Here is a free sample:
Choose one of these ideas to do for your mom on Mother’s Day. Don’t have a mom to celebrate? Choose a woman who means a lot to you to celebrate on this holiday. 1. Give your mom a shoulder rub. Be sure to tell her you love her.
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May will find Nancy Ruth at a conference in Georgia. She will also be visiting churches and schools in Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Texas.

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Free Books

Nancy Ruth has been delivering complementary copies of The Answer Book to schools, seminaries, libraries, and churches. If you would like a FREE copy for your school, library, church, or other group, please contact Nancy.

Speaking Events & Book Signings


  • April 29 – May 1: The Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA
    • The Orange Conference equips church leaders and volunteers to minister to the entire family as one unit.
    • From the website: “The Orange Conference is a place for your entire age-group ministry to come together to experience something for several days that will affect how you work together, play together, budget together, serve together, and lead together for the next 52 weeks.”
    • Get more information here.
I hope you see you at one of these events! Click here to learn how to schedule me for your group or event.

Guest Blog Posts

May Is Missions Month at Parent Road Ministries

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Regular Features
  • Dig In Devos: What is a missionary? What do they do?
  • Walkin' Weekends: How to pray for missionaries. How to make someone feel welcome.
  • Bible Skills: How to use maps in Bible study
  • Big Word Breakdown: Great Commission
  • Christian History: Life at the time of Paul's Letters
  • Holiday: Summer Silliness
  • Holiday: Mother's Day Ideas (sign up for our newsletter TODAY for this email)
  • Holiday: Father's Day Ideas
  • Especially for Single Parents: Accepting help?
  • Parent Spotlight
  • What's In the Media?
  • And more!
May God bless you, your family, and your ministry. ~Nancy Ruth
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