Need More Courage?

Need More Courage?
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Today is the National Day of Prayer. How can we pray for you? In what ways do you find it hard to live for Jesus? Jesus prayed a lot. He went off by Himself to spend time with the Father (Luke 15:6). He prayed in front of His disciples (John 17). He also invited them to pray with Him (Matthew 26:36-38). We want to pray for you (Ephesians 1:18; 6:18). How can we pray for you today, this week, and this month? Please shoot us an email or write a comment below to share your requests. You can pray for us too. Here is a specific ways you can pray for us this month:
  • Pray for wisdom and direction
  • Pray God gives Nancy courage and boldness to share Christ and His love
  • Pray for protection, heath, and strength
Missions Month reminds me of Ephesians 6:18-20.
Pray all the time. Ask God for anything in line with the Holy Spirit’s wishes. Plead with him, reminding him of your needs, and keep praying earnestly for all Christians everywhere. Pray for me, too, and ask God to give me the right words as I boldly tell others about the Lord and as I explain to them that his salvation is for the Gentiles too. I am in chains now for preaching this message from God. But pray that I will keep on speaking out boldly for him even here in prison, as I should. Ephesians 6:18-20 (TLB)
God wants us to talk to Him about everything. He wants to be part of every bit of our lives. He also wants us to remember that we are not alone. The Holy Spirit is with us and there are others who are living for Jesus too. They know that it is not always easy. Some of them, even today, go to jail for going to church, owning a Bible, or believing in Jesus. Even in America Christians are made fun of or treated badly simply for talking about Jesus and living for Him. None of that should stop us from doing what we know to be right.
Dear Jesus, You suffered so much more than I ever could. Thank You for going through all of that for me. Lord, it is not always easy to live for You, but I really want to do it. Please give me courage when I don't feel brave and help me to trust that You will give me the strength I need to keep going when it is hard. I ask, Lord that You would show me someone specific that I can tell about You. I love You, Lord. Amen.
Please tell us how we can pray for you. What do you find hard about living for God? Can we pray with you about that? Is there a specific person you want to pray will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior? (Please send us a private email or just put their initials in the comments if you want to share that last one.)
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