Success in Life

Success in Life

What constitutes a life well lived? What does it mean “to have success in life”? What can I do now and in the future to make my life a success? Let’s look at our life from God’s point of view.

God has plans and goals for each of us on this earth. We realize that it takes time, effort, and energy to identify and fulfill the plans and goals God gives us.

How we use our time is key. We should ask ourselves:

  • What drives our time? (What controls how we use our time?)
  • Is it value driven? (What is most important in our lives? Are we spending time on what is most important to us?)
  • Is it circumstance driven? (Are we reacting to things that come up or being intentional with our time?)
  • Is it consumed by satisfying our desires? (Are we being self-centered rather than thinking of others?)

As Christians, we need to manage our time for God’s glory. Charles Stanley outlines seven steps to accomplish this goal:

Acknowledge that we are responsible for managing our time.

  1. We should seek God’s guidance.
  2. We need to schedule and plan our time.
  3. We need to organize ourselves to effectively accomplish our time schedule plan.
  4. The Holy Spirit’s power is available to help us wisely use our time for God’s purpose in our lives here on earth.
  5. We need to lay aside all things that would keep us from using our time wisely.

This time management process should include daily review of how we plan to spend our time this day for God’s glory.

In prayer we need to ask God to show us what He wants to accomplish through our life here on this earth.

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