Faith in Action... by Kids!

Faith in Action... by Kids!
Isn't it a joy when we see glimpses of Jesus working in young hearts? I've been inspired lately by my dad (Roger) and other blogs I have been reading to take some of the pressure off blogging. Instead of writing lessons each week, I'm going to try sharing what I've been learning and what has inspired me lately. Those things may be interesting, child-like, or "deep" (as my friend would call it). We'll see. Are you up to continuing this journey with me? I'm not a big Facebook user for my personal account, but I do try to keep up with family and close friends at least occasionally. Over Christmas I saw a string of Facebook posts that reminded me of the importance of discipling our children.
This is a family I knew in Florida. The mom posted this picture with the following caption: "Love seeing get up in the morning and do his bible study first thing. Precious!" This young man is 11 and has been doing Bible study on his own for two years. That makes my heart smile.
Here's another one. You've got to love it when Big Brother makes sure his little sister knows the most important thing about Christmas. "Be still my heart!!! My son is talking to his sister about Baby Jesus!! My heart is full of mush!! ❤️❤️❤️"
This one's from a mama whose story nearly stopped my heart: "At a store points at a Muslim woman in a traditional head covering. 'LOOK AT THAT LADY MOM' she says pointing to her. My heart stops as the lady looks at us. 'Is she a princess? Oh she's so beautiful. Is she a beautiful princess?' The lady smiles at as I tell her yes, she is a princess. "Hatred isn't engrained in us people. Biased opinions of other races, religions and cultures aren't just the way we are. They are taught to us. Given to us by those entrusted in bringing us up. Let us all do better with our children. Let us teach our kids that the person who looks different from us is a beautiful princess and teach them to love."
How about you? What are some ways you've seen children living out their faith?
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