A Breath of Prayer

A Breath of Prayer
Sometimes, when life gets crazy, it's time to breathe a prayer.My mother was an amazing woman. I never knew how she kept it all straight, but she was always busy with something or other and seemed to be involved in everything. Still, I know it was not always easy. She often voiced sentence prayers throughout the day. "Lord, help me find..." When she knew one of us had a test: "Help to remember what she's learned and do well on her test." At the time, we didn't always appreciate it. Sometimes it didn't seem to help at all. One time when Mother came to visit me in Texas, we didn't have time for me to drop her off at my aunt and uncle's house before I started work. I delivered food all over Ft. Worth. Mom decided to sit in the back seat and just ride around with me. I warned her that it would be a busy night with no time for bathroom breaks or stops. In fact, my uncle loved to ask what my odometer read every time I came to visit. I sure put miles on that car fast! Anyway, Mom said that was fine, so away we went. It was a pretty typical night quickly racking up the miles... until I had a delivery in an apartment complex. You know, I never realized how hard it is to find a specific apartment or building number in the dark until I started delivering food and racing the clock. This was no exception. I spent way too long driving around the complex trying to find read the building numbers and find the right one. I was expected to pick up my next number at a specific time, and the search was taking way too long. My inner frustration started coming out of my mouth. Then I hear Mother praying in the backseat. "Lord, please help Nancy find the right building and make her delivery." My response thankfully did not pass my lips, but my head screamed, "Mom! You're not helping!" Then I found the apartment. You know the funny thing? Now I catch myself doing what my precious mother did--sending up short prayers throughout the day. I usually don't voice them, but then I remember Mom's example. My mother lived out her faith in front of us kids. Mid-morning on Saturdays I'd catch her at the kitchen table with her Bible open. She faithfully served in the church until the day she died. She loved people, and everyone knew it. Most of all, she relied on her Lord and Savior every moment of every day. I am so thankful for the witness of my mother. I pray many, many more children experience the example of godly women in their lives like my mom was for me.

How about you?

We all mess up. We all fail from time to time. But what will you do when you fail? What will you do when you get overwhelmed? Will you give up? Or will you turn your troubles over to the Lord? I needed that course correction this week. Do you?

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