If I lived in a Dr. Seuss book...

If I lived in a Dr. Seuss book...
 Nancy Ruth & sister dress up for Dr. Seuss Week & Read Across America Day 2016.
It's Dr. Seuss Week with Read Across America Day this Thursday! Yes, I'm excited. I love Dr. Seuss books! They are so much fun to read and imagine, even without the great pictures. With this focus on reading and Dr. Seuss in particular, I got to thinking. What if I was a character in a Dr. Seuss book? What about other books? What if my life now was a story? What would it look like? The poem below is the result. I hope you do your own imagining, reading, and writing this week. Feel free to share your writing or the name of your favorite book in the comments below.

If I lived in a book, A Dr. Seussey book, I'd drive a bing-bang-boozle While balancing a noodle. My hair would be a nest For a feffer veffer mest. A neeler steeler ned Would sit upon my bed.

If I lived in a book, An ancient Bible book, I'd walk the road up to my work And sweep up like a good store clerk. I'd look to heaven and the stars And pray for peace when there were wars. Like David I would pray and sing And worship the Almighty King.

I do not live within a book, But I read and study the Holy Book. I meet the people Jesus loves And give them food and winter gloves. I tell how Jesus died for them To save them from the curse of sin. Each day I seek to love God more. I'm more like Christ than the day before.

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