Worship Joyfully

Advent begins November 27, 2016. (Click here to learn what Advent is.) In preparation for Advent, Ruth Frost has written this guest post. Ruth taught elementary music for 25 years. She has two children, two step-children, and nine grandchildren. She is a member of Northside Baptist Church in Clinton, MS, where she sings in the choir. There are at least 200 references to joy in the Bible. God must consider it an important feeling that should be expressed. At the beginning of this advent it is so appropriate that we think about worshipping joyfully. Think of the angels in the heavens announcing Jesus' birth and praising God. The shepherds were so excited about the news that they left with hast to find and worship the babe in a manger. Psalm 100 is a beautiful hymn of praise that leads us to worship our heavenly Father. I don't remember a time when I consciously learned Psalm 100. It's just been a part of my whole life. When I think back on the times I've truly made a joyful noise unto the LORD, served Him with gladness, and entered His courts with thanksgiving and praise, I've experienced joy and strength that only comes from the Lord even when circumstances around me may be distressing. I really can't express the overflowing joy I feel during worship especially as we sing together the music inspired by scripture. During this advent season, let us find as many ways as possible to joyfully worship the coming Christ. We worship and feel the warmth of His presence, let us express that joyfully. One of my favorite ways is to wake up each morning thinking, "This is the day that the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." Pray that you find your own way of worshipping joyfully. Related Links:
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