Tips for At-Home Family Bible Study

Do you know the importance of family worship and Bible study but are not sure how to start? Have your family worship and Bible study become stale? How do you engage your kids and make your family worship and Bible study fun?

1. Find a regular time and stick to it.

Schedule it like a meeting on your calendar and don’t move it. Make it a priority. This time is set aside for studying God’s Word as a family.

2. Include prayer, Bible reading, and discussion.

Share prayer requests. Practice praise and thanksgiving. Pray for your family and other people. Pray for your church, school, leaders, and the lost. Ask God to help you learn and grow. Start small. Read one section, one complete thought, from the Bible. That could be one proverb, one paragraph, or one story. Talk about it. Let kids and teens ask questions. If you don’t know the answer, write down the question and research the answer together. Helpful resources to answer questions: a Bible atlas, a Bible concordance, a Bible dictionary (preferably one with pictures), a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or church leader.

3. Add an element of fun.

Adding fun doesn’t have to be a chore. Look for little things. When we were little, my dad had a Bible storybook with ladybugs hidden in the pictures. We loved looking for these hidden bugs! You can pre-plan an activity or let kids give suggestions. You might choose to create an idea jar. That way if you get stumped on how to add some fun, you can draw an idea out of the jar. The family challenge then becomes how to make fit the activity to the lesson. How can you use the idea from the jar to re-tell what you learned? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Get Active

Walk around the house to discuss Jericho (Joshua 6). Answer a review question before shooting a basketball. Go on a scavenger hunt. Slightly change a favorite game (i.e. “Ring Around the Rosie” becomes “Walk Around Old Jericho… trumpets, trumpets, the walls fall down!”). Plan a obstacle course or silly races.

Get Creative

Write new words to a song. Make figures out of modeling clay. Act it out with dolls, puppets or people. Draw a picture. Make a map. Make a treasure hunt. Design the scene (maybe with Legos?). Make a collage.

Get Cooking

Make a special snack or meal. Decorate cookies or cupcakes.

Your turn!

Once you've decided to do a family devotional and worship time, make a firm commitment. You can download a FREE family resolution certificate in our store. It has places for you to record when and where your family will regularly meet as well as places for signatures from the entire family. Be sure to download your copy today. Does your family already have family devotions or family worship? What do you do?

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