What Are The Gospels?

What Are The Gospels?
What is the central message of the Bible? Which parts tell about Jesus? How do you find the gospels quickly? VIDEO transcript:
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Do you know what the Bible is about? We know the Bible tells us about Jesus, but Jesus wasn’t really born until the New Testament starts. Do you know what the whole Bible is about? The whole Bible is really one big story broken into sixty-six different little books. And that story tells about God’s perfect plan. how sin broke that plan, the wrong choices that we make broke the world and broke God’s perfect plan and broke our relationships. But God provided the answer through Jesus so that we can pursue God’s perfect plan once more. We can live for God and He helps us. And one day we’ll get to live with Him in heaven, according to His perfect plan once again. That is what the whole Bible is about. Find out more about how to fix our brokenness on the Resources page at parentroadmin.com. Now, Jesus is the important part of that story because He’s the one that fixes our brokenness. We learn the most about Jesus in the Gospels, although, really, the whole Bible talks about Jesus in different places all the way through. But the Gospels tell us the most about Jesus all in one place. Do you know how to find the gospels? The gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They’re the first four books of the New Testament. To find the New Testament and the gospels, take your Bible and open it pretty much in the very middle. You should be in Psalms. I opened to Isaiah which is really close to Psalms. That is the middle of the Bible. Psalms is the middle of the Bible. Now we’re going to take… I’ve got to do it this way. Hold on. Now we want to take the right half… and open it in the middle too. So the middle of this is about here. Look! I opened to the book of Mark. Mark is one of the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Alright. Grab your Bible. I’ll wait. Go get it. Ok. Now. We’re going to practice. Ready? Open your Bible in the very middle. I’m in Proverbs. That’s really close to Psalms. Remember, Psalms is the middle of the Bible. Now we’re going to open the right half in the middle as well. I’m going to open that one in the middle. Oo! What did you find? I found John. That’s one of the gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. This works if you have the whole Bible. Now if you have a story Bible, it doesn’t quite work the same. So make sure you have one with all sixty-six books of the Bible and practice finding the gospels. Then, read a little bit on the gospel page you opened. What do you learn about Jesus on the page where you opened the gospels? Have fun!
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