Bible Translation Lesson for Kids

Bible Translation Lesson for Kids
 Sept. 30 is Bible Translation Day, so we celebrated with the kids who participated in this month's Parents Night Out through our church. These nights can be a challenge to plan because the number and ages of kids are unknown until the night of the event. Usually, I have 1-25 kids ages Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Occasionally I have one or two older kids to whom I give assistant teacher responsibilities. Here's a peek at what we did this month: To introduce the subject of Bible translation, we watched this short video. Then we rotated between stations set up to look at the cultures on various continents. I pulled activity ideas from the "Summer Around the World with Kate & Mack," found here on the Wycliff website. We also played "Translator." Here's how the game works:
  • Choose two kids to start.
  • Let them agree on a Bible story without anyone else knowing what it is.
  • The first child should tell the story using motions and speaking only gibberish.
  • The second child should "translate," telling the story in English based on the first child's motions.
  • Like in real translation situations, both children should speak only a sentence or two at a time before the next child has a turn to speak.
  • When finished with the story, ask the group what Bible story they told.
  • Pick two more children and play again.
  • CHALLENGE: Add a twist by asking the English translator not to use any names. That makes it a greater challenge for the group to guess the story.

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