Prayer: A Child of God

Prayer: A Child of God
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How can we pray for you? What challenges can we specifically lift to the Father? Jesus prayed a lot. He went off by Himself to spend time with the Father (Luke 15:6). He prayed in front of His disciples (John 17). He also invited them to pray with Him (Matthew 26:36-38). We want to pray for you (Ephesians 1:18; 6:18). How can we pray for you today, this week, and this month? Please shoot us an email or write a comment below to share your requests. You can pray for us too. Here are two specific ways you can pray for us this month:
  • For health for Nancy Ruth, her family, and others who are sick (James 5:15)
  • For protection against Satan's attacks (1 Peter 5:8-9; Ephesians 6:16-20)
  • For big decisions we are making behind the scenes right now in Parent Road Ministries (James 1:5)
April is Discipleship Month. Discipleship reminds me of Romans 8:14-17.
Those who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. The Spirit you received doesn’t make you slaves. Otherwise you would live in fear again. Instead, the Holy Spirit you received made you God’s adopted child. By the Spirit’s power we call God Abba. Abba means Father. The Spirit himself joins with our spirits. Together they tell us that we are God’s children. As his children, we will receive all that he has for us. We will share what Christ receives. But we must share in his sufferings if we want to share in his glory. Romans 8:14-17 (NIRV)
In order to be a disciple, a follower of Jesus Christ, you must first ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior. (Click here to learn how.) When we do, we become God's adopted children. He loves us like we are His own. He loves us and cares for us. Because of that, we get lots of unexpected good things (blessings), but it's not a magic formula that gives us a happy life with no problems. Jesus faced a lot of hurt in His life and we will too.
Dear Lord, Thank You so much for adopting me as Your precious child and giving me so many good things. Help me to trust You even when things are not easy. Thank You that You never leave me. Amen.
What hurts and problems are you facing? How can we pray for you specifically?
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