Kids Bible Book Memory Plan (Acts, Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians)

Looking for a fun way to memorize the books of the Bible? Here are some silly tricks to remember the books of NT History and the first few Epistles (Letters). Our kids' Bible book memory plan uses repetition and visual memory techniques that are crazy enough to stick. Also included are brief summaries of each book and ways to quickly find Bible books. (Great Bible Drill for Kids or Sword Drill for children!) Today’s memory trick ties together Acts with the first of Paul’s Epistles (Letters). The full name of the book of Acts is the “Acts of the Apostles.” It tells about how the Apostles (Jesus’ followers) took the gospel from Jerusalem all the way to Rome (Acts 1:8). In Roman architecture, there are a lot of columns. The ones with the fancy top are called Corinthian columns. Here’s your memory trick: “The Acts of the Apostles go all the way to Rome where they see the Corinthian columns.” Do you like this video? Be sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! Check out other videos in our kids' Bible book memory plan: Timestamps: 0:31 - Review the books of the Old Testament and the Gospels (working backward by section); 2:44 - Summary of Acts; 3:33 - Introduction to Paul’s Letters; 4:00 - Summary of 1 & 2 Corinthians; 4:23 - Summary of Romans; 4:40 - Memory technique for Acts, Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians; 4:58 - Review the books of Genesis - 2 Corinthians (in order) Learn more about Bible Drill for kids (not affiliate links): * Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills by LifeWay: * "Beginning Children's Bible Drill in Your Church" by Mr. Mark's Classroom: * "Bible Drill - Coaching the Kids" by Mr. Mark's Classroom: * "Bible Drill - Sword Drill" by Mr. Mark's Classroom: Parent Road Ministries * E-newsletter: * Facebook: * Twitter: * LinkedIn: ITG Creative (video editors extraordinaire):

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